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A little bit about me.... well I love what I do. I wake up everyday and in slight disbelief that my life has turned out the way it has. I feel strongly about what I do. I know the direction I want to go and I work everyday toward that end, however I still feel that it's pretty unbelievable that I get to create art for a living; that people love my art, they are willing to pay for it. I've always been opinionated about aesthetics. I know what I do and don't like and I consider it a very bad thing to compromise or go against that. That's why I don't cut corners or put out work that is half way done or not where I want it. It truly bothers me to see  any technical or artistic flaws with my work. That is why you will never get mediocre work from me.  
I worked for many years in high volume portrait photography shooting literally over 100,000 sessions for other companies and in that time I have had plenty of time do learn what I do and I don't like and now I'm creating work for me. I shoot what I want and I don't shoot what I don't. The beautiful thing is this way I will never get tired of my job. I am truly blessed. 

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A long time ago, I realized that I could not do everything I wanted without a good team. If I wanted to get the best expressions from children and get the perfect moment, it might take two people. If I wanted my lighting to be perfect, I might need some help so I wouldn't have to keep getting up to adjust my lighting. Over time, I have brought a lot of people on board and that has helped us create sessions and experiences for everyone that are amazing. It's not a one man show at T.H. Peterson. From the beginning, T.H. has stood for Tommy and Holly and now we have a team of almost 10 people, all doing things that help make T.H. Peterson exceptional. I don't hire people based on being amazing photographers necessarily. I hire them because they have that one special skill that can help set us apart. And one thing that customers who have used us often know is these guys are a wonderful part of our team that helps make their experience really memorable. Monica has been here from almost the very beginning and has always been great making kids smile and really great for organizing chaos. Many people book us BECAUSE of her! Check out our gallery of assistants!